Monday, July 18, 2011

Character Turnarounds

2 view + 3 headshots - USD100 

Add an extra pose for US35
Add an extra head shot for US5
Add minor props for US5 each

Final quotation will depend on character complexity. Please indicate if the reference sheet is for your fursuit.

Toony Styled

2 view + 3 headshots - US55+
Add US20 for another pose
Add US5 for another headshot
Add US5 for minor prop

Final quotation will depend on character complexity.

2 view + 3 headshots + major props - US65-70+ depending on complexity.
Extra charges if prop design is required.

Gryphons/dragons/winged things - US75-85+ depending on complexity

2 views + profile + wing details + 3 headshots

Extra charges if more drawings are requested.

I can do cel shading or painting for the turnarounds but this will incur extra charges. Please email me for more details. 

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