Character Ref

This is my dragon persona thing, Electra Nightwalker. She's a big ol' nasty creature full of toothy teeth but she also does have a very playful side, when she's not being all ragey and stuff. She likes glowsticks and leather collars and cuffs. She also has a penchant for red velvet cupcakes and bloody things.

 This is Karl J. Flufferkins and is a chimera. A very unassuming one. No one notices the tail till it's too late. The fluffy head is generally friendlier than the scaly one. He likes being petted but the tail will have none of it.

Meet Kinx. Kinx is.. highly questionable. He/she spits lime green acid and just wants to shred you to ribbons. An offering of candy might temporarily placate the beast.. but there's no guarantee on your safety, especially when the sugar rush kicks in.

Creatures are mine, artwork was by Jennadelle, Jemma and C3rmen and myself.

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  1. *pets Chimera head quickly and runs away screaming*